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Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: Escola Vinya del Sastret, Sant Esteve Sesrovires

Every Monday afternoon Aina, Judit and Tania come to Vinya del Sastret School. They are students from Montserrat Colomer High School. We are extremely grateful to them because we enjoy and learn having time together. They are with pupils of Year 4 and depending on the day we do different activities, such as corners, telling stories, playing games…

In January we did three activities related with the third unit of the class book. First of all, in the first session we played some games in order to learn and practise the new vocabulary about food and drink. These are the games:
  • Game Go and touch! First, we hand out flashcards around the classroom. Then, we give some instructions to a pupil, for example: Paula go and touch the jam or Paula go and point to jam!
  • Game Stand up! Sit down! We split the class in three, four or five groups and they decide a name for their team. Then we hand out flashcards around the class. Finally, we give some instructions to the teams, for example: Oranges, stand up! Point to cake. Sit down! Or Blues, stand up! Point to fruit. Sit down!
  • Memory. Children have to match the pictures with the words.

Moreover, in the second session the Language Assistants told a story: The Hungry Rat. It is from the Surprise 4 Book of Oxford University Press. There were two characters and the narrator. They used big cards and they acted the story out. It was really nice and children were delighted. This is the link of the story: https://elt.oup.com/student/surprise/level4/stories/story3?cc=global&selLanguage=en
Furthermore, not only did they tell the story but also they asked some comprehension questions.

Finally, in the last session we played a game in pairs in order to learn and practise: Can I have some oranges please? Yes, of course. // No sorry.
We used a cut-out activity, that I attach

One student was A and the other one was B. Firstly, both pupils cut out their shopping basket, their shopping list, the questions card and all food or drink cards; although they will only use eight food or drink cards. After that, they have to take four food/drink cards and check which ones are the same of their shopping list. Then, if they have some cards that are in the shopping list, they have to put them in the basket. When they finish, they have to write some questions down asking for the food that is in the shopping list but they don’t have in the basket; so they can have the cards they need from their partner. Additionally, they acted it out. Teachers can record the talks to be able to watch them later in the classroom and focus on the pronunciation.

Lots of thanks Aina, Tania and Judit!

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