dilluns, 4 de febrer de 2013

Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: Escola Gras i Soler. Esplugues de Llobregat.

La Sílvia Dobon, mestra especialista de l’escola Gras  i Soler, ha fet la següent col.laboració pel bloc. Ens parla del joc que va fer amb els LAs : Guessing game.


MATERIALS: Flashcards (animals, food, classroom objects…) and 6 crowns (optional)
AGE: 1ST grade students.
DURATION: 15-20 minutes.
LANGUAGE AIM: Checking some vocabulary and working on easy questions and answers.

AIM OF THE GAME: Guess what animal, food, object, famous character you are using yes/no questions.

First of all, we will check the animal vocabulary  together. For instance: It’s a blue shark. It can swim/ It’ s a purple butterfly. It can fly…
Next, the language assistant puts a crown on each player’s head and he sticks an animal flashcard on each crown. So that, every child can see what animals his/her friends are, but he doesn’t know what animal he/she is.
Then the game starts. The game consists of finding out what animal they  are. The children take it turns to ask questions: Can I (run)/ (swim)…? Am I (white and black)…? Am I a (penguin)…?
When a player guesses the animal, he wins a point and the language assistant puts a new one on his/her crown.
*The game can be adapted to all ages and levels depending on the vocabulary and structures that the teacher wants to work on. For instance, to talk about animals with older students the teacher can work on a wider range of questions like Do I live in (the sea)/(Australia)/(the forest)…? Do I eat (grass)/ (meat)…? Have I got (big ears)…? Am I a (mammal)…?
Also, post-its can be used instead of flashcards so the teacher can write whatever he thinks the students may be interested in (famous people…)
This is an enjoyable way of encouraging students to use English.

A més, ens explica els diferents racons que ha fet al llarg de l’últim mes i us en reproduïm el text:

Every Wednesday afternoon Patrick and Alvaro, our language assistants from the ASB, come to the school in order to play amusing games or tell us great stories.
This month, we have arranged the class into four different corners: 
1- The Amazing Classroom Objects Bingo, where Alvaro and the kids have a good time coloring the cards and playing bingo. 
2- The Delicious Food Game, in which Patrick and the children talk about their likes and dislikes and they have to find out what flashcard related to food everybody has got.  
3-Guess The Animal which consists of finding out what animal we’re holding on our heads.
4- The Face Picture. Here, the pupils have to finish an uncompleted face and write down the parts of the face. Finally, they color it. This 4th corner allows the kids to work in an autonomous way.

Els L.A.'s són : Patrick i  Alvaro, tots dos de l’ASB. Si voleu veure la resta de les fotos, podeu seguir aquest enllaç.

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