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Valoració dels Language Assistants: Institut el Castell (Esparreguera)

L'Estrella Cid, tutora dels LA de l'institut el Castell d'Esparreguera, vol compartir amb tots nosaltres les reflexions de l'alumnat una vegada finalitzat el seu pas pel projecte. 

In his FINAL SELF-ASSESSMENT, Josep expresses emotive feelings in his personal reflections. One of the main ideas, which he had already mentioned throughout the year, is that he realised the fact that teachers have a lot of patience! And this made him understand that it is sometimes hard to be in class with some students.
At first, he was very worried, because it was often hard to deal with some children, but after studying the different situations, he was able to cope with any group or different situations and activities.
Since he was a Language Assistant who was very concerned with good behaviour and discipline, what he found the most difficult to achieve was controlling the class, because they were not always quiet.
He is much more confident now in this kind of situations and enjoys speaking English with students.
He was surprised at the fact that students had a higher level of English than he expected. They only had to learn to communicate and express ideas.
He thinks this experience will be very useful for his future career and he hopes to continue with the project the following year. He is enthusiastic about it and eager to start!

In her FINAL SELF-ASSESSMENT, Paula affirms that she has learnt to empathise with teachers, to know how they feel when they ask students to be quiet or when they try to explain the lesson.
Personally, she has improved her vocabulary and she enjoyed being with children. That was a time when she forgot about everything!
The most difficult thing was keeping the children’s attention. It was frustrating when they didn’t listen to her. Sometimes, she got angry and she didn’t exactly know how to scold them, because she didn’t want to shout at them.
In the beginning, she was shy and got embarrassed. Later, she began to feel more confident and then it was ok and it made her feel like a real teacher!
She enjoyed doing different activities, more if they were older, since she was surprised at their good level of English. They understood everything and were able to talk without any effort.
She wants to repeat the experience. She thinks it will be important for her curriculum and will help her with her future studies.

In his FINAL SELF-ASSESSMENT, David thinks that he is now a more responsible person than he was when he started the project. He has been in charge of some younger students and this fact made him realise the important role of a teacher.
He hadn’t much experience with children and the project Sharing to Learn gave him the opportunity of working with younger students, which was really positive.
The most difficult aspect was dealing with some students’ behaviour, since he had no experience in this kind of situations.
He really liked the fact that the students’ ages were very similar to his own age. It was really challenging! Students saw him as a teacher and a colleague (also a student) at the same time.
What he liked the most was talking to students and sharing ideas with them. He was very happy to see that students really improved their communicative skills and he was very proud of this fact.
He is sure this experience will help him with his future career and his CV, since it is possible that he becomes a teacher or educator in the future.

In her FINAL SELF-ASSESSMENT, Clara is surprised because she didn’t think she could speak English all the time! She has learnt to enjoy herself with children at the same time they were all learning English!
She learnt to speak slowly and emphasize to allow children to understand her better and to be very patient. Sometimes, it was difficult to understand what children meant.
She feels much more confident now, with English and any project she will embark in the future and she considers this experience to be very useful for her future studies and CV.

Moltes gràcies, Estrella!

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