dilluns, 7 de juliol de 2014

Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: Escola Can Palmer (Viladecans)

In our school, Escola Can Palmer, we have had seven LA. They have been helping in 2nd and 3rd years.

For the children, it has been a great way of learning, in a different way that they're used to. At least, with different organization and "teachers" as they call them. They liked very much to practice English playing and learning with the LA.

In each session, we have had about 30 o 40 minutes, so I tried to do three different corners with different activities and one LA in each corner. The pupils in one o two sessions went through all those proposals. In 2nd year, the proposals have been based in vocabulary and small sentences. Here you have got two of the corners.

The LA gives orders with the children in circle like:
Touch your feet...touch one foot...
How many arms do you have...?
And children answer those vocabulary questions and also with I've got...

Also children make questions among them about their own bodies.
We can practice close your eyes...open....listen...touch... as well.

In this corner there is one LA and a group of 4 children.
We have a game with 4 trolleys and a shopping list There are also a lot of small tokens with food. The LA takes one shopping list and each participant knows what to take.
The winner is who has the full trolley first.
Also the LA can make questions with do you like?...
What is your favourite food...?
And the pupils answer with yes, I do; no, I don't


In general, I think it has been a very interesting and funny experience for everybody.

                                          Gràcies, Carme, per compartir!

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