dilluns, 7 de juliol de 2014

Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: Escola Montserrat (Esparreguera)

In Montserrat School of Esparreguera, we have had six Language Assistants for year 3 and year 5 A and B. We would like to thank Anna, Eva, Marcos, Mar, Josep and Ariadna for all their work in these sessions.

During the sessions, we worked with LA oral activities related to topics in class: dialogues
prepared for the students, theatre, interactive songs, find difference games, board games, etc...

Of all the activities done in Year 5, I would like to explain one in which a small group of
students (4/5) have to match broken personal questions and later they have to practice them orally and in groups of 2. 

In the following links, you will find more details of this activity: activity plan 5, questions and W-questions. And in this link, you will find the detail of the activity from Year 3.

Gràcies, Carme, per compartir!

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