dimecres, 5 de juny de 2013

Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres. Escola Mansuet. Collbató.

These are our Language Assistants, Raúl and Ingmar. In this activity we were playing a vocabulary game. We had to cross the water building a” words bridge”. Raúl and Ingmar told us a topic and we had to write one word in each paper. If the word had a mistake, they throw it away and we had to replace it. It was great fun!
We love playing games with Raúl and Ingmar!

The Language Assistants came to the class of P5 to explain the story of three little pigs. 
Ingmar used a few puppets of pigs to make it more fun and understandable and Raúl was entertaining the story with a tender melody with his electrical guitar. The children and girls, in gratefulness did a few drawings to them. It was a very animated class. Thank you assistants for your enthusiasm and generosity!

 Thank you Loreto and Paola!!!

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