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Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: escola Gras i Soler (Esplugues de Llobregat)

La Sílvia Dobon de l'escola Gras i Soler (Esplugues de Llobregat) ens fa arribar la següent activitat que ha portat a terme amb les seves language assistants, la Marta Escura i la Marta Morist.



  The LA and the teacher have told the story “Aziza’s Hat” (Big Surprise 1) to the kids and they have been playing with fruit+food vocabulary previously. Then, the LA show the children how to make a hat and ask them to cut out the 10 fruit mini flashcards for playing “The Fruit Bingo Hat”(Big Surprise 1, page 87). Once the kids have finished  the hat, the assistants give them instructions to arrange the fruit in the hat and they  can try to cheat them (LA:”I like red cherries”, “I like delicious chicken”; Children:”Chicken? It isn’t a fruit”…) Besides, some kids can play the assistants’ role and give the instructions to their mates. Finally, the LA tell the kids to choose 4 fruit mini flashcards and lay them on the table. The game starts! The LA have got the ten big fruit flashcards.  When the LA like the same fruit they’ve chosen, they put it in their hat. The first one to put all four in the hat says BINGO. After checking it’s correct, he/she can play the LA’s role.

  What is more, the teacher can take advantage of their students’ fluency when they’re talking about the food they like and they don’t like by recording them using the audioboo or   the audacity programmes and record their voices. All children love listening to themselves and to their friends later, even the most shy.

-        -  Big  Surprise 1 (p.87)
-        -   Food + fruit flashcards
-        -  Scissors
-        -   Stapler

- I like (red) (cherries)
- I don’t like (purple) (plums)
- Do you like (yellow) (bananas)?

It’s a simple activity, but it works!

                                                     Thanks, Sílvia!

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