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Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: Escola Roser Capdevila (Sant Joan Despí)

La Marga de l'escola Roser Capdevila ens presenta l'activitat que ha realitzat amb les seves language assistants, la Namie i la Xènia.

Description of the activity:

In our school Roser Capdevila, Sant Joan Despí, we have been working in different games corners. 
In this first picture, Namie and her group (4-5 children) are playing with cards to ask about different vocabulary (clothes, parts of the body, food, animals, furniture, etc). She asked them to recognizse the word and immediately draw a picture. This game is like a Pictionary, a very funny game to introduce and review vocabulary! The finakl goals are to practice the vocabulary and show the ability of drawing.

In this picture, Xènia is playing a game called Lynx in a small group (5 or 6 clidren). The objective of Lynx is also reviewing the vocabulary learned and introducing new one for the students  to become familiar with the new words  and practice them later. Our students in both games have fun and lose the fear to speak in English. That's why the LA's role is very helpful.

                    Click here to see more photos.

                       Gràcies Marga!

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