dimarts, 8 d’abril de 2014

Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: Escola Garigot (Castelldefels)

In Garigot School we have got four language assistants: Mathias and Eva in 5th grade and Pati and Ida in 3rd grade.  In 5th grade we are doing reading comprehension activities and in 3rd grade activities to improve the oral abilities of our students.

                    3rd A and B have a restaurant
During this second term, we have been doing a lot of activities related to food. Our final objective was to create a restaurant.

Pati and Ida started doing oral activities like
  • What's this?   (Plastic food)
  • Can you remember their name?    (Flashcards)

After that, we started with our restaurant. We introduced the three main characters: Costumer, cooker and waiter. Moreover, the sentences and  vocabulary that it is necessary to know in a restaurant. Some examples can be the followings:

Customer:    Hello, good afternoon
Waiter:       Good afternoon. Do you want a table for_____?
Customer:    Yes, please
Waiter:       Here’s the menu
Customer:    Thank you.
Waiter:       What do you want for starter, miss / sir?
Customer:    ____________________

Once the students did the three situations, we sent an invitation to the 6th grade students and they came to our restaurant. 

Our Kitchen 
It was a fantastic experience and they enjoyed it so much.

Garigot School wants to thank the four language assistants their help.
  Thank you so much!! 
Thanks Mireia for sharing your experience!
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