dimarts, 26 de febrer de 2013

Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: ESC Joan Maragall. Esplugues de Llobregat

La Montse, especialista d'anglès de l'escola Joan Maragall, d'Esplugues de Llobregat, ens ha fet arribar la seva aportació al bloc amb una activitat relacionada amb la Festa de Nadal.

Moltes gràcies, Montse!!

Moltes gràcies, Isabella i Namie!!

In this lesson 2nd grade students have learnt some Christmas words through games.  Students have watched a short video about Santa Claus in order to introduce the new vocabulary. After watching the video, we have played a game called “Noughts and crosses”. We have divided the class into two groups, one team were “noughts” and the other one were “crosses”. The fact of being two teams has been positive because every team wanted to win so they have had an extra motivation. Also we have made a circle on the floor and children have played “Time bomb game”. Children have enjoyed playing both games and Namie and Bella, the ASB students, helped children to improve their pronunciation and learn the new vocabulary.Each week children really want to see them.

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