dimarts, 14 de febrer de 2012

Experiència compartida. Així treballem als centres: ESC Madre Sacramento. Sant Just Desvern.

Hi! We are Madre Sacramento School from Sant Just Desvern and this is the second year we take part on the project called “Sharing to learn”.
Last Wednesday Alicia came to join us and we would like to share with you the experience.

We started the class singing a song, which the children prepared, to show the language assistants their progress. This song was based on the activity they did with the assistant the previous week: the story of The Little Red Ridding Hood. The song was: I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf!
First of all we made three groups. Each group had an assistant. One of the groups did the activity with their teacher. It was the first time that we worked with two languange assistants, Maria and Sandra. Before, we had the help of Martina too, another pupil from ABS.
When groups were made, we started to explain stories.

Maria told a story about a pig that loses its mum: Oink, oink! Children must act out as if they were the animals that appear on the book. It was very funny!
Sandra told a story about a mouse who was always keeping its food but an ant was stealing it every time. We had a lot of fun practicing food vocabulary.
When the assistants finished explaining the story they worked out a worksheet with the children. Meanwhile, they completed the activity; the language assistant talked with the kids individually asking about what they were doing.  We had so much fun and we loved working together with Sandra and Maria. Every week pupils are looking forward to the visit of the language assistants!

 If you wanna see more photos click here.

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