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Experiència Compartida: Així treballem als centres. Escola Montseny. Sant Just Desvern.

Wellcome to our school. We are Montseny School from Sant Just Desvern and, as you may guess, we take part on the Share for Learning project. We would love to share with you one our last class, when Alicia came to join us.

Adriana and Lúa are the teacher assistants who come every Wednesday to help Ms. Marta in the English class. Our group is P-5 and we are called “Cavalls”.

We start the class by the “Hello routine” -where one by one- we stand up and say Hello! to our puppets Dolly and Robby, and to the teacher assistant. Second, we do some flashcards (we love this part) and repeat and learn new vocabulary every day. This month we are working on the food vocabulary by using a story called “Delicious”. So, at the end of the routines, we sit all together and Ms. Marta tells us the story -and later two of us tell the story to the rest of the class. Mmmmm Delicious!!
And then, the action begins! We set up two “shops” where Lúa and Adriana “sell” us the material that we need to do the craft of that day. Today we are creating a big display of the story to be hung on the wall. We need to go to the shop and buy colours, pencils, scissors and glue…but always speaking in English!

If there is some time -at the end- we play “Flashcards” by ourselves being teachers. It is amazing how many words do we know already!

We have a lot of fun and we love working together with Adriana and Lúa. We wish they could come more often to our school (and Ms. Marta is very happy with them too, they are great assistants and very hard workers). We would like to dedicate this post to them. Thank you!

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